Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of our frequently asked questions. If there is something you would like to know and it isn't mentioned on this page please get it contact with us. You can send any questions you may have to [email protected].

Q) Why was my order not posted immediately?

Every order is a custom made order. Your order is made after it is purchased. There are both regular and express postage options

Q) How long will it take to get my order?

In website checkout you will be given the following options to select when processing your order. REGULAR $14: Made and Posted within 2-4 weeks and shipped via regular mail or EXPRESS $30 Made and posted within 1 week and shipped via Express mail. For nameplates only these can be shipped in an envelope for $5 or Express $14

Q) I ordered the wrong Colour or Size – Can I exchange?

As there is a colour Chart, a measurement chart, every order is custom made and we are also happy to post any colour samples out before purchase, items are NOT exchangeable. Please contact us for any help.

Q) I want to Return or Exchange

Every order is a custom made order. Custom made orders are not Returnable/Exchangeable. Simply because of the large variety of options, Mac Tack will need to sell the returned item at a large discount just to move it on, usually below cost price.

Q) Mac Tack sent me the wrong item

If Mac Tack made any mistake with your order, we are happy to help and take full responsibility. Please contact us first, return the item and we will pay the cost of return postage and send out the correct item you purchased. Please email us first at [email protected]

Q) This is not what I ordered

ALL options are selected by the customer and then we are emailed an automatic invoice direct from the website. We cannot alter the invoice. We receive it exactly as you have selected it. Please ensure you double check your options as what is selected is what we will post.

Q) My item is faulty

If the quality of your item is not up to your standard or it is faulty. Please let us know. Buyer satisfaction is a VERY high priority.

Q) Does Mac Tack Offer Sponsorship?

Currently Mac Tack is not looking to sponsor anymore riders. Please keep an eye on Mac Tack’s home page and also Face Book page for any updates on Sponsorship.

Q) Complaints and Feedback

To help improve Mac Tack we really appreciate any feedback you can give us. Good or Bad, it all helps. Any complaints, we will try to help the best we can. Please email [email protected]

Q) My horse broke my item

Horses are extremely strong animals. If your horse is the reason your gear broke, for example - was tied up by the reins and pulled back strongly, something had to break. It’s better the bridle/reins break rather than the horse. We cannot take responsibility for this. Although Mac Tack gear is strong, horses are extremely strong too. We can always help out with replacement parts.

Q) Does Mac Tack Do Repairs?

We can repair any Mac Tack gear. Repairs will be at a very minimal cost (if any) although you will need to pay postage both ways.

Q) What size do I need?

There is a measurement chart HERE . Please view it before making a purchase. You can also alter any measurements on our Measurement Chart to suit your horse.

Q) I want to use my own measurements

Any item can be made to your measurements. With any of the items, when selecting size, one of the sizes is called, ‘email your own measurements’. After purchase you can email us with any particulars and measurements you need.