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Custom Sporting Boots (Front)

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High-quality neoprene material for flexibility and durability
Contoured design for a snug and comfortable fit
Provides excellent support to prevent strain and injury during rigorous activities
Shock-absorbing properties to cushion impacts and reduce stress on joints
Breathable construction to keep your horse's legs cool and comfortable
Easy to clean and maintain for hassle-free care
Whether you're training, competing, or hitting the trails, our Neoprene Sporting Boots are essential for safeguarding your horse's legs and optimizing performance.

Sold as 1 Pair

Please see down below: How do I choose the correct size?

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Additional details

When selecting Mac Tack Custom Sporting Boots, ensuring the right size for your horse is crucial to maximize the benefits these boots offer. The provided chart includes measurements for both circumference and height. Emphasizing the circumference is more vital than height since the boot needs to securely fit around the horse's leg with a slight overlap of 1/2" to 1.5" for effectiveness. Factors like the horse's height and bone structure should be considered but not solely relied upon when determining size.

As a general guideline, horses typically require a size larger for hind legs compared to front legs. For example, mature horses can often wear medium boots on the front but large on the hind legs. However, if there's no significant size difference in the fetlocks, the same size can be used for both front and hind legs.

To accurately select the right size, consult the provided chart. If unsure, measure the circumference of your horse's front and rear fetlocks at their widest point. Then, opt for the next larger boot size based on your measurements.