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Amazing New Website

Mac Tack has always pushed our products to be the best available with maximum customization. Now we have a website to match.

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See Your Customisations

Customising your gear is great but it is hard to clearly picture what your gear will look like. We custom designed a solution that renders an image based on your options.

Colour Combos
As you select colours you can visually see how those colours look together.
Fittings and Nameplates.
Select Brass or Stainless Steel, add a nameplate, customise the nameplate. All changes will be updated on the rendered image.
Insane Number of Combinations
Some of our gear can have over 300, 000, 000 different variations based on the options selected. Good Luck.
Customising a Mac Tack Halter

Try for yourself Customizable Gear

Here are some of our customizable Items

We have a growing range of products.